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Media and Image
A discussion on whether the media has an effect upon a girl's self image.
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Teenage girls are exposed to images from the media constantly, at all times providing them with a depiction of what the media perceives, or wishes to project, is the standard of beauty. To completely understand how the media affects the self image of girls in America, an exploration as to how it affects them mentally, socially, and physically is undertaken in this paper alongside a review of available academic articles and data on the subject, with recommendations on how to alleviate these negative effects to complete the research.

An Introduction to the Media and Girls
The Emotional Implications of the Media Upon Girls
How the Media Grooms the Social Landscape
The Effects Upon Physical Perception of Self
Deciphering the Messages
Concluding Observation

From the Paper:

"Throughout the adolescent development of girls both self-focus and awareness of others' evaluations of self are heightened. Due to their concern with not only the internal perception, but also that of the external, additional pressure is created for the teenager, further compounding the problem of self image. It is a fact that body image has a major influence on adolescents' self-esteem, backed by the fact that both female and male adolescents place more importance on their appearance than adults, and also report higher levels of body dissatisfaction. (Dittmar et. al.) Image is a very important aspect of life in that it is the part of an individual which is exposed to the public with this aspect of life being particularly important to teenagers, and the reality is that the media does not help in the development of these adolescents, in regards to both their body image, and their expectations as to what they and others should aspire to look like. "

Sample of Sources Used:

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