Marx: Capitalism and Class Research Paper by cee-cee

Marx: Capitalism and Class
An examination of Karl Marx's views on capitalism and the influence of the ruling class on the economy.
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This paper discusses Karl Marx's development of communism or socialism in response to what he saw as the evils of capitalism. The author describes the industrial revolution, which brought about the social changes and conditions that Marx saw as unjust to the working class majority. He believed that capitalism and mass production destroyed the cohesion of fellow human beings and made self-interest more important than shared values and goals, thereby dehumanizing the worker. The author provides a brief overview of American society before the industrial revolution and explains how industrialization led to the exploitation of African Americans, immigrants and women as cheap labor. The author explains the concept of market socialism, a modern theoretical cure for both the ills of capitalism and the weakness of traditional communism, and discusses why Marxism failed. The author concludes by suggesting that what is most needed might be a blending of the two systems, in which capitalism and socialism could each counteract the evils of the other.

Labor as a Commodity
History of Values and Attitudes
Strengths and Weaknesses in Marxism
Failures of Marxism

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