Marketing Analysis of De Beers Diamonds Research Paper by Cat4166

Marketing Analysis of De Beers Diamonds
A marketing analysis of how De Beers has become the leading name in diamonds.
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This paper gives an in-depth analysis of De Beers, the South African company that controls almost all of the world's diamond production. A brief history of the diamond industry is given first. Then, the author presents several of De Beer's best known marketing strategies that have become ingrained in our society. These include campaigns for diamond engagement rings, eternity rings, and marketing aimed at affluent single women. The paper continues by describing how De Beer's became a name brand. The second half of the paper explores the "dark side" of the diamond industry, with an emphasis on the working conditions in the diamond mines and treatment of workers. Also discussed are the national conflicts that have terrorized countries such as Sierra Leone over control of their diamonds. The paper concludes by calling on De Beer's to improve its image and take responsibility for its actions and treatment of workers.


History of Diamonds
Who is De Beers?
The True Value of Diamonds
A Diamond is Forever
The Diamond Engagement Ring
Public Relations: Making Prospects Aware
Marilyn is De Beers' Best Friend
How do you Make Two Months' Salary Last Forever?
The Future of Diamonds
The Diamond Eternity Ring
Women of the World, Raise Your Right Hand
The Branding of Diamonds
The Secret Side of Diamonds
Conflict Diamonds
Literary References
Web References

From the Paper:

"Diamonds are currently the most expensive gems available for sale; and rightly so, diamonds are rare and valuable. Except that they are not. Although the belief that diamonds are rare and valuable is widely held, it is entirely false. The value of diamonds lies in nothing more than a brilliant marketing campaign coupled with an even more brilliant channel distribution system. When buying a diamond, the consumer can extend their thanks to De Beers for the hefty price tag."

Sample of Sources Used:

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