Malaria: A Public Health Issue Research Paper by ABCs

Malaria: A Public Health Issue
An exploration of malaria as a public health issue in countries where this disease is prevalent.
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The paper discusses the problem of malaria in countries where the disease is prevalent by examining the affected populations, the barriers to treating this health issue, and the resources and programs available for dealing with malaria. The paper discusses how to strengthen the role of the international community for this cause and identifies four components necessary for successful malaria prevention and treatment. Finally, the paper explores what the future holds regarding the treatment of malaria.

Population Affected By Malaria
History of Malaria
Contemporary Controls
Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV)
Points of Entry and Departure
Barriers and Misconceptions
Requirements To Strengthen International Community's Role
Malaria a Public and Health Issue
Vaccines for Malaria
Summary and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"Forty percent of the world's population is stated to be at risk of Malaria with ninety percent of deaths from malaria occurring in the country of Africa, south of the Sahara desert. (Harvard School of Public Health, 2001; paraphrased) Malaria is reported by the Harvard School of Public Health to have been "eradicated in many countries, including the US, in 1950s"(Harvard School of Public Health, 2001) However the malaria parasite has become extremely resistant to drug therapy. Furthermore, malaria not only causes terrible sickness but also has a potential to cripple "developing economies through the enormous cost in medical expenses and days of labor lost." (Harvard School of Public Health, 2001)"

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