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Life After Death: Fact or Fiction
This paper examines the age-old question: Is there life after death?
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The writer of this paper contends that while it's impossible to prove whether life after death in fact exists, one must be willing to consider the speculative information that's available. This paper explores the scientific, religious and spiritual aspects as to what occurs after death. The writer examines reported cases of near-death experiences, as well as reincarnation, in which individuals remember previous lives. The majority of reported incidents regarding reincarnation have occurred in children in South Asia, where Hindu and Buddhist thought popularizes the concept of reincarnation. This paper also discusses the issue of the "light" which many claim to have seen immediately following a near-death experience. This paper examines expert scientific research which supplies reasonable explanations into near-death experiences. This paper also details the various types of out of body experiences which include: Seeing a dark tunnel, feelings of peace and quiet as well as meeting others who have previously passed away.

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"Although psychics, parapsychologists and others have long known about the out-of-body experience, frequently called "separation",1 the greater scientific community has not accepted it as a normal phenomenon occurring under even bizarre conditions, nor is the average person generally familiar with it. However, it seems to be the key to unraveling the mystery about what happens after death. In other words, if we can prove that some aspect of the self, soul, or consciousness can leave the body under certain circumstances, the question arises: where does it go if not into the next dimension - notably the spirit world. A separation is completely unlike daydreaming, dreaming, or sleep. It is also unlike hallucinating, undergoing a trance, or the hypnotic state."

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