Liberty and Equality Research Paper

An exploration of philosophical and political arguments for liberty and equality.
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This paper explores the issues of how best to understand liberty and equality as political goals and individual freedoms. It argues that to strive for both as is often quoted by politicians, is in many ways self defeating within current societal norms, as with increased individual liberties there will often come increased inequality. For the purpose of style the terms 'liberty' and 'freedom' are used interchangeably throughout the discussion. The paper also ties in the opinions of key theorists.

From the Paper:

"Berlin makes the point that within the conception of liberty there is an inherent conflict. Specifically he makes the point that Mill's argument is based on the idea that all men are rational, that they would therefore come into conflict only if one were acting irrationally and that all arguments are made up of the rational confronting the irrational (Berlin 2007 p.56). In other words that Mill's conception of liberty is grossly over simplified and does not take into account the reality of society or the repercussions of his own conception of liberty, whereby, with increased individual liberties available to them, men would come into greater competition with each other, in a rational self interested way (as per the will of their individual liberty) and inequality would result (Berlin 2007 p.56). Therefore based on this line of thinking it would appear that the with enhanced individual liberties there is likely to be greater inequality as people come into 'natural' competition or behave irrationally. "

Sample of Sources Used:

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