Leadership and HRM in the Public Sector Research Paper by scribbler

Leadership and HRM in the Public Sector
An in-depth examination of leadership in human resource management in the public service sector.
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Published on Jun 14, 2013 in Business (Management) , Business (Human Resources)

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The paper explores the problems associated with the public service and the personnel system that serves it, and argues that the only realistic hope for a solution lies in a comprehensive review of the public service and its place in democratic governance. This paper employs a conceptual framework and four analytical lenses to capture the major themes and dynamics which underlie the contemporary crisis of the public service. The paper addresses the concepts of flow and competence that encompass the principal functions of attracting, training, promoting, assigning and retaining employees, and includes concepts from organizational and political theory which address issues of motivation, performance, and identification with service to the community. The paper highlights how the plateauing of a particular group of employees can jeopardize organizational effectiveness.

The Need For A New Approach In The Face Of A Problematic Future
Key Concepts of Personnel Flow
Work-Force Competence
The Nature Of Human Resource Supply And Demand
Human Resource Availability: The Supply Side
External Labor Markets
Internal Labor Force Supply
Human Resource Requirements: The Demand Side
Variable Program Characteristics
Budgets and Positions
The Problems of Attraction and Retention
The Age Demographics of the American Work Force
The Baby-Boom Bulge

From the Paper:

"At the national level, leadership in human resource management has been problematic, if not negative, in its effects. The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 and related legislation established the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to provide leadership and innovative personnel programs for the federal establishment. Instead, in the first ten years after its creation, OPM established a record of missed opportunities, failed initiatives, and declining organizational effectiveness, as documented in comprehensive reports issued in 1989 by both the U.S. General Accounting Office and the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (Ingraham and Ban, 2008).
"By any measure of performance against legislative intent, OPM has been largely an organizational failure in the conduct of its programs and the achievement of its goals. OPM has not become the primary management office for the president, as envisioned by its first director, Alan Campbell. It has not succeeded in transforming public personnel management at the federal level into a modern system of human resource management. The regulatory and procedural barriers of the past continue to inhibit managerial action in the federal personnel system. The technical innovations of the Civil Service Reform Act have not made any significant contribution to the overall efficiency or effectiveness of government."

Sample of Sources Used:

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