Law Enforcement vs. International Terrorism Research Paper by writingsensation

Law Enforcement vs. International Terrorism
This in-depth paper analyzes the changing role of law enforcement administrators and agencies around the world in the face increasing global terrorism.
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This well-researched paper opens with a comprehensive and historic look into both the American and British law enforcement agencies. The writer of this paper traces the origins of the British Sheriff's office back to the Norman Conquest which took place in 1066. This paper delves into the significant increase of international terrorism while focusing on the effectiveness of various law enforcement agencies in America and around the world in combating this growing problem. This paper discusses the views and opinions of several historians regarding the increase and decrease of crime and terror from the medieval times and up to the present. The writer of this paper examines specific historic events and their resulting impact on global terrorism including the fall of the Soviet Union, the Cold War and the 9/11 terror attacks. This paper analyzes the manner in which the Bush Administration moved to establish additional intelligence and enforcement cooperation among the existing agencies in order to more effectively face terrorist threats such as al-Qaida. This paper contains detailed and in-depth historical facts and dates relevant to this particular topic. This paper also examines the manner in which recent advancements and progress in technology are assisting law enforcement agencies around the world to thwart off potential threats of terror.

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"Various historians have offered various different reasons for the unexpected decrease in the crime rate during the comparatively modern times, and there were some who assumed that perhaps it was industrialization and urbanization and modernization that contributed to this phenomenon. There were some other scholars and researchers who theorized that in actuality crime had not diminished, but had in fact shifted form bodily assaults that were popular in those times, to crimes that were more or less closely related to property, which also indicated that the nature of crime had shifted from an innate scarcity and paucity, to a greater prosperity as well as a free availability of material goods and possessions during modern times. There is also another form of opinion, which states that the decrease in crime seemed to have happened irrespective of industrialization and urbanization."

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