Language Experience Approach and Second Languages Research Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

Language Experience Approach and Second Languages
This paper describes the theory of language experience approach as it pertains to second language acquisition.
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This paper describes and explains the theory of the language experience approach. The paper expresses the value of second language acquisition at a young age. The paper then examines the critical hypothesis theory and its relation to second language acquisition. Also discussed, is the importance of the environment in which one is learning a second language and the impact of the environment on learning a new language.

Table of Contents:
Language Experience Acquisition
Secondary Language Acquisition
The Age Differential in Secondary Language Acquisition
Critical Period Hypothesis
Environment of Secondary Language Acquisition

From the Paper:

"The best age for the beginning of another foreign language has been a topic of much debate. Leading advocates of secondary language study contend that 'The younger the better' is the best time to begin the studying of secondary languages. This is due to the ease in which young children seem to pick up the new sounds and phrases. It is further recommended that the study being prior to the age of twelve, as in this way there are still a number of years remaining in their school tenure during which to study. However, there is a lower limit, as most elementary schools have found that teaching students a secondary language before the third or fourth grade, ages eight or nine, is not practical, as the primary grades must first focus upon basic skills of literacy in their primary language. (Hildreth 136) The topic has been further researched, with differing opinions in regards to the topic emerging, with those regarding the critical period of life during which a secondary language may be learned being of particular merit."

Sample of Sources Used:

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