Karma, Reincarnation and the Near Death Experience Research Paper by Nicky

Karma, Reincarnation and the Near Death Experience
A look at various experiences that people have on the brink of death and beliefs about what follows.
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Published on Jan 17, 2011 in Psychology (Parapsychology) , Religion and Theology (General)

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This paper examines various supernatural or paranormal experiences that individuals claim to have as they approach death or following revival from clinical death. Various attempts are made to explain the near death experience (NDE) from a scientific approach. The paper continues by defining a NDE , further showing how most NDEs are very similar to one another but citing the differences, as well. The elements most commonly reported in a near death experience are listed. This is followed by various outlooks regarding NDE's, or more specifically a scientific approach versus a spiritual or religious approach. How an individual changes emotionally and following the NDE is also discussed,as well as the importance of having supportive medical professionals following the experience. Because of the highly charged emotional aspect of NDE's, the paper calls for their further study, but from a religious and spiritual perspective. The paper concludes by stating that that the study of NDE's will continue and the issue will never be completely resolved to the satisfaction of all of the people involved in the discussion.

Review of Literature
Summary and Conclusions

From the Paper:

"In order to address this issue thoroughly, there are several areas that have to be looked at. The medical theories and explanations for these are important, because they can shed light on whether these things are really 'the beyond' or whether they are tricks of the mind. Alternative explanations and 'look-a-likes' for these experiences also have to be discussed. In addition, case studies that involve both children and adults and their experiences should be examined, as should the demographic, cross-cultural, and religious concerns that surround karma, reincarnation, and the near death experience."

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