Jungian Psychotherapy and Yoga in Relieving Depression Research Paper by Professor Victor Verb

Jungian Psychotherapy and Yoga in Relieving Depression
This paper provides a scholarly review of the relevant literature and the summarized results of a series of interviews with yogic practitioners to determine the efficacy of this alternative medicine approach to the alleviation of depression.
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This study examines the relationship between Jungian psychotherapy, yoga, and alleviation of depression. Specific questions addressed include: 1. What is the overall incidence of depression in the United States today? 2. What are the factors that contribute to the onset of depressive episodes, and what can be done to mitigate or avoid such onset? 3. Are there cultural and gender considerations that serve to exacerbate depressive episodes? 4. What are the mainstream medical approaches to the treatment of depressive episodes?

From the Paper:

"Depression is a serious condition which affects millions of people in the United States today. Further, the majority of people in America will experience some form of depression at some point in their lives. People who experience major depressive disorder episodes are more likely to experience future episodes as well. This aspect of depression management is important because the incidence of relapse has been clearly linked to the number of episodes of depression that have been already been experienced (Klerman, Weissmann, Rounsaville, & Chevron, 1999). Clinicians may be overlooking the importance of yoga as both an alternative as well as an adjunct to existing treatment modalities. It is the predicted outcome of this research project that yoga techniques will prove to be an efficacious treatment modality for patients either by themselves in or combination with various psychotherapeutic and pharmacotherapeutic approaches."

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