Is Peace Possible Between India and Pakistan? Research Paper

Is Peace Possible Between India and Pakistan?
An exploratory analysis of the historical relationship between India and Pakistan, and the countries' future prospects.
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This paper asks and analyzes whether peace is possible between India and Pakistan. The paper explains that these two countries contain more than one sixth of the world's population, and their relationship constitutes a major geopolitical issue. The paper explores the history of the countries' interactions, which have been highly conflicted since the independence of India and its partition in two between the predominantly Muslim Pakistan and the predominantly Hindu India. The paper discusses the Kashmiri question, and related conflicts such as the Bengali War. The paper concedes that relations between India and Pakistan seem to be moving toward pacification, and war seems very unlikely as both countries wish for peaceful relations; however, several factors, such as the Kashmir issue, make it very difficult for both sides to achieve completely friendly relations.

Strong antagonisms between India and Pakistan make the idea of peace unlikely
The Kashmiri Issue
The Religious Question
Strong Interests in Normalized Relations
Two Nuclear Countries: Source of Tension or Stability?
Dialogues Towards Peace
Strong Interests in Normalized Relations
A "Composite Dialogue"
An Ugly Stability
Paralyzing Issues
The Persistence of a Mistrust
Emerging Competition Over Natural Resources

From the Paper:

"The rise of Hindus and Muslims fundamentalisms contributes to exacerbate extremisms in each country and rivalry between the two countries. In India, the 6th december 1992, the mosque of Ayodhya was destroyed by activists from the VHP, Shiv Sena and BJP, and provoked the greatest confrontations between Hindus and Muslims since the partition, with more than 2,000 victims.
"Even though Pakistan is not a religious state, the question of the place of religion in the state is very important, and has been used by politicians to unify the nation. Since the beginning of the 70s, there has been an Islamization of Pakistan, with Ali Bhutto who instituted prohibition, and then with General Zia Ul Aq between 1977 and 1988."

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