Interracial Marriages Research Paper by numero uno

Interracial Marriages
A study into the history and reasons of inter-racial marriages between African-Americans and white Americans and the influences these unions have on children born into these marriages.
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An examination of the issue of marriage between blacks and whites since the days of slavery. In the past, these unions were usually master over slave or illicit affairs. With these relationships etched into the psyche of inter-racial marriages today, there are obvious barriers to overcome with regards to children born into these marriages and society's acceptance. This paper studies the reasons why these relationships occur despite the barriers and their results.

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"For a variety of reasons having to do with lack of self esteem blacks may seek marriage with whites. From the white perspective, stereotyping pervades the search of some for black partners. A white woman might seek an African American man for his fabled libido and larger sized penis and white men may reach out to stereotyped black mammies with ample bosoms, buttocks and lips which signify the warm embracing passion they seek. This sort of stereotyping may appeal to the needy egos of African Americans with little self respect. Being with a white to whom they represent something that can’t be found among their own race may offer a boost to low self esteem. Also, pervasive negative connotations of the word “black” conveying meanings of evil, shadiness, mistrust, and badness may lead African Americans who identify themselves with these dark concepts, to attempt to move toward the light by marrying whites."

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