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Internet and Globalization
A discussion about accessibility of the internet to the entire world on a global scale - developed and non-developed countries alike.
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Globalization has sparked a revolution in information and communication technology, resulting in the emergence of an Information Age that boasts the arrival of new levels of global interconnectedness. Overcoming this process requires concerted efforts in many different directions, including political, social, economic and most importantly, educational fronts. However, the current formal system of education is ill equipped to respond to the challenges that globalization brings. Many researchers have offered arguments in support and against globalization as it applies to democracy. This paper examines the current state of research and offers resolutions for the reality of the Internet as a massive digital network with open standards, suggesting that universal and inexpensive access to a wide variety of communication media and models is not an unimaginable attainment.
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"The 20th century has emerged as the century of science and technology that has dramatically and irreversibly changed society and civilization. Ocean-liners that bridged continents and railroads that conquered the old West have given way to inexpensive and widely available jet travel that have reduced the world to a global village. With electric power came automation, and agricultural advances quickly produced a surplus and farms today only employ a small percentage of the population in most advanced countries. The age of electricity and radio rapidly switched to TV, electronics, computers and the Internet, thereby creating a strong electronic consciousness. During the latter part of the 20th century, democracy has emerged as the clear path to follow."

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