Innovation and Technology Research Paper by Jojoy

Innovation and Technology
An examination of whether technology influences the core policies within an organization.
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This paper examines whether technology significantly impacts the core strategies and organization of companies to the extent that it should be considered as the primary means of initiating innovation or development. The paper looks at both public and private enterprises from small to large scale and explores the effective applications of technology and how they are changing markets and industries. The paper also points out the developing challenges for companies in utilizing the technology.

Background: Technology and Productivity, Technology and Business Operations
Impact to Strategies and Organizational Structures: Methods of Technology Applications, Influence on Objectives and Strategies, Transformation of Markets and Industries, Assessment
Situational Insights: Management Perspectives: Six Sigma and Lean Production, Industrial: Business Process Outsourcing, Going Concerns: Tesco, Going Concerns: Avon E-Business, Going Concerns: EBay.

From the Paper:

"The application of technology necessitates a study of the relationship of productivity and technology. The debate on whether productivity paradoxes really do exist has become an issue for analysts and managers once more with the shift towards digitization. Consider the implications of the productivity paradox or the Solow computer paradox that Robert Solow theorized in response to the mechanization of clerical work. According to Solow that, "You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics," (Greenan et al, 2002, p. 42). The productivity paradox implies that as technology is introduced to a system, in particular information technology, work productivity decreases (McGovern, 2001). If the paradox is to be accepted as true, then technology contravenes productive strategies."

Sample of Sources Used:

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