Innateness Vs. Environment in Language Learning Research Paper by Nicky

Innateness Vs. Environment in Language Learning
A research paper on the role of innateness vs. environment in a child's acquisition of syntax.
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Published on Oct 26, 2011 in Education (Development Studies) , Psychology (Theory) , Language (General)

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This research explores the issue of children's acquisition of language from the perspectives of Noam Chomsky's innateness hypothesis and the role of the environment or the caregiver. The paper argues that children's language acquisition is a combination of both nature (innateness) and nurture (environment). The paper then considers the mind-body problem and the issue of Cartesian Dualism and explains why the understanding of the role of both innateness and environment has a variety of implications for further research.

The Role of Innateness in Semantic Acquisition
The Role of Environment in Language Acquisition
Implications for the "Mind-Body Problem"

From the Paper:

"Understanding how children acquire language has monumental implications for a variety of studies, including psychology, education, and linguistics. When scientists can prove, definitively, how children acquire language, education programs can be designed in order to build off of that initial acquisition. The psychology of the brain and its development will be better understood, allowing scientists to design treatments for those who have developmental and psychological problems. Finally, linguists who understand how children acquire languages will be able to apply that knowledge to other areas of linguistic study, including second-language learning, one of the most practical applications for linguistics outside of the humanities field. It is perhaps the acquisition of syntax that has the most practical application in this field."

Sample of Sources Used:

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