Influence of Early Trade on Korea Research Paper by Devi

Influence of Early Trade on Korea
This paper is a discussion of the early trade routes as they relate to the Korean Peninsula.
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Published on Dec 17, 2004 in History (Asian) , Asian Studies (General)

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This paper describes the trade routes that existed during the early period of Korean history when the kingdoms of Korea were developing a unique culture that interacted with the civilizations flourishing throughout Asia. The thesis of this paper is that it was the combination of the many contacts with the rest of Asia that resulted in the unique development of the Korean State and its role in influencing religious development in both China and Japan. It also discusses the relationships Korea had with the rest of Asia early in its history. This should set the stage for the reader to understand not only what influences were acting upon Korea in the pre-Choson period of Korean history, but the relevance of Korea in the early days of her history to the political and economic developments in Asia.

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"Ships moving up the coast of China to Korea came to the city of Ch?u-chou, located at the juncture of the grand Canal and the Huai River, where ocean going vessels could meet smaller boats from the Yang-chou and the Yangtze River system to the south and the river craft of the upper Huai and Pien Rivers leading westward toward the capital region. (Reishauer p. 281) The route led from the Shantung the Yongdang Peninsula. There ships met a land route moving north forming a link with the trade route of the steppes. A more southern route and a southern route was from Chungju on the Shantung Peninsula to the Liaotung Peninsula and on to Lolang in Koguryo. The sea route continued down the coast of the river ports of the Han and Kum, Paekma, and Yongsan Rivers and there was routine boat traffic along the Tanjin in South Chungjan Province."

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