Infant and Toddler Observation Research Paper

Infant and Toddler Observation
A discussion of this author's observation of a toddler in a child development lab.
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Published on Aug 24, 2014 in Sociology (General) , Education (General) , Child, Youth Issues (General)

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"According to Piaget, James would be in sub-stage 6, Beginning of Thought, of the sensory motor stages. I assume James demonstrated the "onset of mental representations" while he was pushing an empty swing as if there was a baby in it (Shapiro, 2013a). As he was playing with the "baby" and the swing, the teachers were asking him how his baby was today, which led me to believe that this is a normal game for James to play. He smiled and laughed every time he had to push the swing, and while the swing was away, he made noises as if he was communicating with the swing baby. This was one of the only times that James was very verbal. He represented his imaginations with words. James also qualifies for the Beginning of Thought stage with his ability to "problem solve without trial and error" (Shapiro, 2013a). While James was playing inside, he found a large piece puzzle to solve. Instead of trying physically to see which piece fit where, he observed the puzzle until he decided if the shape would fit where he wanted to put it. He was correct almost every time, and completed 2 puzzles before moving on. It was very clear when James was observing something or thinking about something. When something or someone caught James' attention it was clear that he was thinking and paying attention because he would get very quiet, and stare intently. The teacher would speak to the children very clear and slowly, and while most children comprehended by repeating her, or mimicking her, James and a few other children would just stare at her silently. When James was outside playing with the swings, a very colorful van parked close by. He stopped his play immediately and stared at the van until it seemed like he comprehended what it was, and then he continued to play."

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