Imagery on Roman Imperial Coins Research Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

Imagery on Roman Imperial Coins
This paper discusses Diocletian and Tetrarchic imagery on Roman Imperial coins.
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Published on May 26, 2010 in History (Greek and Roman) , Art (Other Mediums)

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This paper explores how Diocletian's reform of Roman coinage and the "Tetrarchic" style of representation served in literally changing the face of Rome's coins. Furthermore, it assesses how these two dramatic changes in the coinage served to bring a sense of stability back to the Empire. These questions are dealt with through an examination of the history of coinage in the Roman Empire and how it changed under Diocletian. The paper suggests that issues faced by the Empire were reflected in its coinage. The author concludes that in Diocletian's coinage reform, he attempted to not only bring about economic stability for the Empire, but to also ensure the presence of such stability on the coins themselves.

Coin Value: Debasement, Degeneration, and Revaluation
Faces on the Coins: All for One
Hand in Hand: Stability as Brought About Through the Coins
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From the Paper:

"Fifty years after the end of the Pax Romana, the emperor Diocletian was tasked with securing order in the Roman Empire. Chief among the issues Dicoletian faced was an increasing devaluation of imperial coinage. Although the almost half a century of barbarian invasions and bickering warlords was now behind the Empire, the effects of such tensions were still felt in monetary exchange rates."

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