Human Genetic Disorders in Particular Populations Research Paper

Human Genetic Disorders in Particular Populations
Looks at the origins of diseases and different theories of evolution of genetic disorders and their relationships with particular populations.
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This paper first explains that the genetic composition of particular populations defines various superficial differences among them as well as the predisposition to some diseases in one population and a resistance to them in others. Next, the author discusses the genetic multifactorial disorders of breast and colon cancer among Ashkenazi Jews and the single gene disorder of sickle cell anemia among individuals of African descent. The paper relates the problem of Huntington's chorea, which is caused by a chromosome abnormality, among descendants from Europeans and the single gene disorder hemochromatosis found in people from northern Europe.

Table of Contents:
Multifactorial Disorders: Breast and Colon Cancer among Ashkenazi Jews
Prevalence of Disorders Caused by Chromosome Abnormalities: Huntington's Chorea
Single Gene Disorders: Prevalence of Sickle Cell Anemia
Single Gene Disorders: Hemochromatosis

From the Paper:

"The evidence against it demonstrated that the sickle cell trait offered survival advantage against malaria only to children before they developed a degree of acquired immunity. Most adults were able to develop antibodies that attacked the parasite, thus the sickle cell gene was of little advantage to them.
"However, the Allison's hypothesis is supported by some studies of malaria epidemics and other evidentiary materials. The most obvious fact is that sickle cell disease is more common in the regions infested with malaria parasites."

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