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Housing Equality
This paper explores the history of racial discrimination in America, with a focus on African-American housing.
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The paper discusses how one area of life that illustrates America's struggle with racial issues is epitomized in the country's history of housing regulations. The paper explores how until the Civil War, African-Americans who were not slaves living in the North faced a variety of discriminatory practices that made it difficult for them to find both jobs and adequate housing. The paper describes the Jim Crow laws that regulated where Negroes could and could not go, whether and where they could go to school and a host of other regulations that specifically singled them out as second-class citizens. The paper explains that change occurred when society saw Black men come back from World War II and the Korean Conflict being treated as second-class citizens in the country they had just fought for.

From the Paper:

"As a country, the United States has struggled with the issue of race since its earliest days. While most people do not think of slavery when they think of early colonial America, the Ship bringing settlers to Jamestown, Virginia, included 20 African slaves. They were the first African slaves on the North American continent (Thomas Gale, PAGE). For the rest of the country's history, including to some extent to this day, the United States would struggle with race relations. The United States, a country that prides itself on living the ideals of liberty, equality and freedom, has spent most of its past struggling putting into action the words from the Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal."

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