Holocaust Studies: Jewish Resistance in WWII Research Paper by Nicky

Holocaust Studies: Jewish Resistance in WWII
A report on how European Jews fought the Nazi movement during WWII.
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Published on Mar 29, 2011 in History (European - World Wars) , Holocaust Studies (General)

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This paper deals with the subject of Jewish Resistance during World War II, showing that the Jews absolutely did not go to their deaths like sheep to their slaughter. The paper records how the Jewish people, whenever possible, resisted being rounded up and pummeled with gunfire at close range, and rebelled when possible by any means available, including killing Nazis whenever possible. The paper also cites texts and data from various historians who published reports on the subject.

Jewish Deception & How the Partisan Movement Began
The Jewish Ghetto in Vilna
Leaders in the Vilna Ghetto Resistance
Background on Jewish Resistance - with partisan support - in Poland
Origins of Soviet Partisan Forces - and Jewish involvement therein:

From the Paper:

''That said, indeed the Jews played "...numerically a limited but significant part in the creation of the Soviet partisan movement during...the most difficult period of 1941-2" (Ainsztein, p. 281). The author points out that most of the civilian population of Soviet occupied Poland was "too shattered by the Red Army's defeats" and "too cowed by German terror and ferocity" (which was obvious during the "wholesale extermination of the Jews") to really put up a lot of resistance. However, it was Soviet Jews who often comprised the "first nuclei of partisan resistance" (Ainsztein, p. 281). On page 283 Ainsztein asserts that "with few exceptions" the many books authored by Soviet partisan leaders offer only "incidental information" on the Jewish involvement in their movement.
''While Jews played a "pioneering" and "sometimes decisive, role" in the partisan movement in Poland, the predominant partisan work against the Nazis on Polish territory was conduced by "Communist and left-wing elements" (Ainsztein, p. 397). This information - the "essential facts" - regarding the pivotal role Jews played in the partisan efforts in Poland against the Nazis, Ainsztein writes, has been kept from widespread dissemination. It has been suppressed from many in the West due to the "rewriting of history of Polish-Jewish relations under the Germans that has taken place in Poland since 1957" (Ainsztein, p. 397). The author claims there has been a "whitewash" of the record of what really happened. He says this whitewash is due to the post-1957 "national reconciliation between the Communist minority and the anti-Communist majority." This reconciliation was perpetrated by "blatantly anti-Semitic" campaigns aimed at the "outright suppression of the truth," Ainsztein insists. The anti-Semitic campaign he alludes to got a boost following the Arab-Israel war of June 1967; and as a result of this rewriting of history and basically the censorship of the truth, the Jewish role in Poland's partisan struggle has not been widely known (Ainsztein, p. 397).''

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