Hip Hop Culture and Identity Research Paper by Neatwriter

Hip Hop Culture and Identity
A thorough examination of the hip hop culture and its impact on a person's identity.
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This research explores the hip hop culture and its identity. An overview of the current literature is given that reflects the theoretical position of Black culture in the United States. In addition a definition of hip hop and rap is provided, including a discussion of its origins and the current state this art form is in. The influence of the ghetto and hip hop culture is explored at length, as well as the lyrical content of the music. Commercialization of this unique music form is discussed, in addition to hip hop culture's tendency toward visualization as opposed to aural. Finally, hip hop as a global force is reviewed. In the end, it becomes clear that hip hop music is a significant influence on global culture, for Black and non-Black community members and this influence has been facilitated by technology and the drive of capitalism.
The History of Hip Hop
Overview of Current Literature Regarding Hip Hop
Defining Hip Hop Culture
The Four Pillars of Hip Hop and Others
The Ghetto, Hip Hop Culture and the Divergent Styles of West Coast and East Coast
East Coast versus West Coast Conflict
Geographical Diversity of Hip Hop Today
Hip Hop and the Jail Culture
Graffiti as a Subversive and Sublime Cultural Arm of Hip Hop
African Americans and Spatial Mobility
The Ghetto Environment and its Effects on the Lyrical Content of Hip Hop
Examination of Lyrical Content in Gangsta Rap Songs
Discussion of Virulent and Caustic Language Within the Sub-Genre of Gangsta Rap
The Double Standard in the World of Gangsters as Demonstrated by Hip Hop
Hip Hop Culture and Misogyny
Hip Hop Culture and the Poetry of the Dispossessed
The Controversy About Selling Out and Hip Hop Culture
Representing the Ghetto
Hip Hop Culture and Sports Marketing
Hip Hop Sales Statistics and the Thug Image for Sales Controversy
Hip Hop as a Force in American Pop Culture and the Displacement of Other Genres of Music
Tastes and Decadence in Hip Hop Culture
The Hip Hop Culture and Political Influence
Hip Hop as a Global Force

From the Paper:

"Although one may be led to believe that hip hop music is a recent evolution, it relates back to the griots of West Africa, from more than two hundred years ago. The griots were, and in some rural areas still are, storytellers, poets and traveling singers who played an important role in ancient African societies. They used poetry and rhythm to teach the people about their history, as written language was rarely used ("Griot").
One could even argue that hip hop music began even earlier than griots, stemming from the ancient societies of Egypt, as a rich, Black tradition of admiration for rhetoric in both written and spoken form. It is part of the Black rhetorical continuum, as it borrows from and expands a tradition of creative use of language styles and strategies. It was created as rhetoric of resistance primarily to racial discrimination and oppression (Kopano). "

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