Helping People Help Themselves Research Paper by Nicky

Helping People Help Themselves
Presents an investigation to study an interdisciplinary approach to helping chronically ill people to help themselves.
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This paper is a research project to study if, when patients have the opportunity to participate in their treatment utilizing medical technology, psychological treatment and behavior modification techniques, is there an increased tendency of the patients to maintain positive outlook concerning their disability, recovery and recuperation. Next, the author describes the qualitative methodology used to analyze the literature review and the case studies from Humanitarian City Hospital, rehabilitation facility. The paper concludes that mental health issues are equally as important as physical health issues when treating chronically ill or injured patients.

Table of Contents:
Statement of the Problem
Purpose of the Study
Importance of the Study
Scope of the Study
Humanitarian City Hospital
Overview of the Study
Literature Review
Main Area of Study
Critique of the Literature
Theories and Methods
Method and Procedure
Research Design and Approach
Population and Sample
Collection and Tabulation of Data
Data Analysis Procedure
Limitations of the Study
Reliability and Validity of the Data
Case Studies
Personal Experiences

From the Paper:

"Systematic desensitization is the use of a feared object, slowly over time, to change how someone feels about that object, and this can work with people who have problems like post traumatic stress disorder from their injury. For example, someone afraid of snakes may be taught to get used to hearing the word, then to look at and touch pictures, then to touch the real thing. It is based on a framework of classical conditioning.
"Behavior modification therapy is the most obvious therapy that takes advantage of operant conditioning principles."

Sample of Sources Used:

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