Gun Laws and Mandatory Sentencing Research Paper by Gville

Gun Laws and Mandatory Sentencing
An analysis of the effect that the 10-20-life law in Florida will have on gun crimes.
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This paper discusses gun laws in Florida, particularly the 10-20-life law that has been passed. The research hypothesizes that juvenile offenders within Alachua county will be unaffected by the 10-20-life advertising campaigns and that the majority of youth offenders surveyed will not grasp the severity of punishments for crimes committed with guns.

Table of Contents:
Literature Review

From the Paper:

"While mandatory minimum sentences, such as Florida's 10-20-life law, are currently popular across the nation that has not always been the case. Such policies first were put into practice in the 1950s and after a substantial period when they fell out of favor came back into style in the 1980s (Yates, 2001). The motivation for most of these laws has been based on the desire of politicians, prosecutors and the general public to be 'tough on crime.' Mandatory minimum sentencing had its true rebirth in 1984, when Congress passed the "Sentencing Reform Act" to establish the U.S. Sentencing Commission (H.R. 6428) and followed that with the passage of the "Armed Career Criminal Act." That law established mandatory 15-year prison sentences for certain armed offenses (U.S.C. 3551)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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