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Google's Business Structure
An in-depth research paper on the business structure of Google.
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This paper outlines Google and its organizational structure, its leadership, the diversity and culture within the company, how they facilitate learning and creativity as well as how they empower employees.

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"One may wonder how a company with a slew of engineers, computer programmers, coding geniuses, and data analysts maintains their public image and cohesive company management. In order to develop better managers, Google created a project which was, in terms of management, far more important than any other search engine or map system- it was called Project Oxygen and its goal was to make managers more successful, helping individuals and teams work and perform better while keeping employees happy and satisfied. Among the eight golden rules of Project Oxygen were empowering teams and employees, expressing interest in employees' successes and well-being and simply being a great communicator. Google employees, who are rich in technical and computing skills, have a record for not always being up to par in management and human resource skills. One fact to prove this is Google's turnover rate where employees on average stick around for a mere year. (4) To combat this, Google decided to hire Marissa Mayer, a charismatic Stanford graduate who served as a long-time executive, product manager, designer and engineer at the company. Using the material from Project Oxygen and from her own life experiences, she rose to be one of tech's most powerful women and also made the list of Time's most influential people in 2013. (5) Along with her leadership and management prowess, she has the technical skills to back herself up as she is the designer of Google's now iconic yet simple home page. Finding compromise in a management team is crucial- one must have the technical skills to be respected and move forward with the company but a manager simply cannot rely on programming or design skills alone. A successful leader and manager, such as Marissa Mayer, also had the people skills and effective communication techniques, as well as charisma and reverent power, to win over the hearts and minds of the company and the public.
"Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google, came from corporate background and it shows in his leadership style. He firmly believes in getting to know his employees personally, and many programmers have met him at the Mountain View Googleplex. Google aims to be as non-bureaucratic as possible and focuses most on innovation and new ideas, whatever the cost. "

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