Global Warming and Plastics Research Paper

Global Warming and Plastics
An analysis of the problem of global warming and the continued need for plastics.
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Published on Dec 30, 2008 in Environmental Studies (General)

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This paper discusses how it would be difficult to imagine a world without plastics and how, among the most versatile materials ever developed, plastics can be made to resemble and even replace such diverse materials as metal, wood, glass, china and stone. It also examines the progress of global warming and the potential devastating effects. It particular, looks at how the gases released during the manufacture of plastics such as CFCs are dangerous to the environment and how scientists are now working on disposable plastics that are able to break down chemically and dissolve after a period of exposure to sunlight and moisture.

From the Paper:

"However, if the concentrations of these gases become higher, more heat would be trapped within the atmosphere causing worldwide temperatures to rise dramatically. Research has proven that within the last century, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased dramatically, largely because of the practice of burning fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum and its derivatives. Global temperature has also increased 1o C (about 1.8o F) within the past century. As a result, atmospheric scientists have now concluded that at least half of that increase can be attributed to human activity, and they have predicted that unless dramatic action is taken, temperature will continue to rise by between 1o and 3.5o C (between 1.8o and 6.3o F) over the next century."

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