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Global Challenges in Politics
A look at challenges in international relations in the next two decades.
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This paper discusses recent theories, trends and insights in foreign policy as they relate to global challenges of the future. First, the paper examines how global policy initiatives have changed in essence since the end of the Cold War. Then, it considers specific global issues such as as security and defense, human rights and environmental questions against a backdrop of fundamental change in the process and nature of foreign relations. Particular focus is given to global warming and its implications on international relations. Additionally, the paper predicts that human rights will become an imperative locus of attention for international relations and a cardinal issue of foreign policy concern in the next two decades. Finally, the paper explores the furtherance of democratic ideals as a central facet of foreign policy initiatives. The paper concludes by stating that these challenges represent the most far-reaching and problematic items on the agenda for foreign policy initiatives over the next twenty years.


Global Challenges in the Next Two Decades
Environmental Concerns
Human Rights and Democracy
The Furtherance of Democracy

From the Paper:

" As discussed briefly above, the field of foreign policy and international relations over the next two decades will take place in an increasingly globalized and interconnected environment. This has already had the result of making people more aware of the human rights infringements to an extent that was not possible before. The power of the internet and networking is set to increase with the advances in mobile technology. This will make the issue of human rights and the abuse of these rights a central consideration in foreign policy. One can already see this development taking shape in the reports on countries like China and Iran, where knowledge of human rights abuses have been rapidly disseminated via digital media. This has forced human rights into the forefront of the challenges that foreign policy will have to deal with in the future.
In essence, the issue of human rights has become an imperative locus of attention for international relations and this aspect will be as cardinal issue of foreign policy concern in the next two decades. As the world becomes more globalized so does the need of conform to certain universalized standards of behavior and the treatment of others."

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