Ginseng and Macrophage Cells Research Paper by Shawnss

Ginseng and Macrophage Cells
A look at the immune stimulating properties of ginseng on macrophage U937 cells.
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Published on Jun 06, 2008 in Chemistry (General)

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Ginseng has been used for medicinal proposes for thousands of years. It seems to improve health, and boost individuals' immune systems. This paper describes an experiment to scientifically determine that ginseng is indeed beneficial for the immune system. The paper relates that, by exposing macrophage U937 cells to varying concentrations of ginseng alongside ethanol, it was determined that the cells in presence of ginseng show an increase in cell concentrations, and in nitric oxide production.

Materials and Method

From the Paper:

"It is well known that most of the medicines in the world are derived from plants. For many years plants have been investigated in an effort to help boost the human immune system, and accelerate the recovery process from infectious diseases. Panax ginseng is a notable traditional herbal medicine that has been utilized by the Chinese for thousands of years [1]. Although there have not been extensive studies of ginseng's benefits to the immune system [3], the plant's capacity on the function of leukocytes has been under study [3]. The use of ginseng as a medicine has been gaining popularity in the west [4], much of this is because of studies that have linked it to prevention of cancer [5]. It is believe that much of the beneficiary components of ginseng are because of ginsenosides, a various group of steroidal saponins, which are able to target and affect a large number of tissues [4]."

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