George Eastman: History of Kodak and Rolled Photographic Film Research Paper by Nicky

George Eastman: History of Kodak and Rolled Photographic Film
An overview of the life and work of the inventor of Kodak, George Eastman.
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Published on Nov 20, 2011 in Art (Artists) , Art (Photography)

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This paper discusses the many aspects of George Eastman and his invention, the "mass production" camera. The proposal begins with a brief history of George Eastman and his life. After this, the paper continues on to discuss the many people in Eastman's life. Many of these people helped Eastman develop a quick and efficient form of photography. they also helped him create emulsion to quicker drying photos. The conclusion provides a brief description of how Eastman took his life.

Thesis Statement
People in Eastman's Life
Maria Eastman
Josephine Dickman
Henry Reichenbach and His Contribution
William Walker and His Contribution

From the Paper:

"Though he invented the "mass production" camera, his initial interest and inventions were photographic film. His main goal was to improve the quality and speed of the film. Up to that time, photographs were taken by professional photographers using big cameras that utilized heavy glass plates, and the images took a long exposure time (Johnston 3).
"In 1877 Eastman became interested in some land to purchase and he decided to photograph it. Unfortunately, the technology of the time with large, heavy equipment and wet-plate photography, was frustrating, bulky, and slow. It required not only the heavy camera and plates, but a cumbersome tripod, dark tent, and developing solution. He finally had to pay a professional photographer five dollars to show him how to use it (
"In 1884, he invented the first roll film--similar to the film we use today, and in 1888 he invented the Kodak camera. Now, he had convenient roll film and a camera to use them in. So, in 1892, he founded the Eastman Kodak Company which mass-produced the film and cameras. With the invention of his Brownie camera in 1902, his and his company made photography into a popular hobby (Goldman 69)."

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