Gender Performance and Transgenderism Research Paper by gfk

Gender Performance and Transgenderism
An exploration of the relationships between transgenderism, drag and shemale porn.
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Sexual difference is a recent addition to studies of gender. It is generally defined as the intersection between biological sex, social aspects of gender, as well as the impact of sexuality. In effect, it posits that none of these are mutually exclusive, that they combine to create "gender identity." It particular, this paper looks at how transgenderism poses challenges to this - and how it asks why these intersections come in to play and what the costs of incongruity between the three are. This paper looks at drag performance, 'true' transgenderism, and shemale porn in this context, asking whether they each support or erode hegemonic ideals of sexual difference. By looking at the specific gender performances in each category, drag can be presented as subversive to ideas of sexual difference, transgenderism can be perceived as supportive of sexual difference, and shemale porn unintentionally falls somewhere in the middle - it is both subversive and supportive.

Drag - Entertainment and Political Subversion
True Transgenderism - Replications of Hegemony?
Shemale Porn - Dominance, Subjugation and 'Faking It'

From the Paper:

"Raymond suggests that transsexuality, without the option of surgery, "could turn our sexual order upside down because it evades the impact of both socialization and biology as instances of sex typing" (cited in de Castro, 1993, p 88). In other words, transgenderism could have the political effect of drag performance everyday, on all people. Drag, unfortunately, only has the opportunity to challenge hegemonic norms at specific and scheduled times, to a limited (usually paying, interested, and open-minded) audience. However, by escaping into surgery, by 'matching' gender and biology, it is argued that transgendered people give up that opportunity in order to participate in the dichotomous thinking of our gender-repressive society."

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