Franciscan Missionaries and Society in Moldavia Research Paper

Franciscan Missionaries and Society in Moldavia
This paper is a serious work that evaluates various aspects of the society in the Danubian principalities during the first half of the 17th century, focusing specifically on both popular and official religious characteristics of the society as well as on
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The paper consists of three chapters, an introductory part and conclusions. The introduction defines the topic, the sources, the method and the structure. As the thesis refers to Franciscans and their reports, the first chapter provides a brief insight into their organization, their reasons for coming to the region, the relationship between them and the local power, and among themselves. The second chapter deals with the local clergy and its everyday life, stressing both its way of following church cannons and the coexistence with the clergy belonging to other religions. The third chapter deals with the society and is divided in two subchapters. The first one concern the society itself, focusing on its patterns of behavior in certain occasions, mentality, customs, ethnicity and education. The second subchapter is dedicated to religion, both the official religion and the popular one, which includes local beliefs mingled with Christian dogma and miracles. The last part consists of the conclusions drawn from the paper, highlighting its outcomes.

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"Knowledge of the reports written by the Franciscan missionaries is valuable for any historiography of the countries that were comprised within partibus infidelium where the Franciscans were active. Their reports are written in different styles suitable for different approaches, from demographic or culinary history to political history. Naturally, the accounts of the Franciscans proved valuable for Romanian historiography as well. However little use of the new trends was made and they were employed mainly as a source that stressed the political history. Therefore as previous research disregarded the potential of the reports for social history, there is a certain gap in the field."

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