Fingerprints Research Paper by hicaliber

This paper describes the development and importance of fingerprints in criminal identification throughout history.
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Published on Jun 04, 2007 in Criminology (Forensics) , Medical and Health (General) , History (General) , Criminology (General)

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This paper examines the history of fingerprint identification. Additionally, it discusses why fingerprinting has become the number one identification tool in forensic science, and describes the basic patterns of fingerprints. The contributions of Henry Faulds, known as the Father of Fingerprinting, and other researchers in this area are also presented. In addition, the paper also examines certain cases of incorrect fingerprint identification that have thrown doubt on the long-recognized infallibility of fingerprints as an identification tool in criminology. The author concludes that the uniqueness and permanence of fingerprints have made it an indispensable identification tool that has been employed for crime fighting by the law enforcing agencies for more than 100 years

History of Fingerprints' Use in Identification
Early History
The Earliest Use of Fingerprints in Crime Solving
Early Attempts at Explaining the Importance of Fingerprinting
The Unrecognized Father of Fingerprints
The Work of Herschel & Galton
The First Practical Application of Fingerprinting
Fingerprinting Method of Identification is Established
Why Fingerprinting Has Replaced Other Identification Tools In Forensic Science
Individuality of Fingerprints
Previous Methods of Identification
How Does Fingerprinting Compare with DNA Fingerprinting
The Basic Patterns & Types of Fingerprints
Cases of Incorrect Fingerprint Identification

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