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Family Friendly in the U.K.
Harmonizing personal and professional balance. A study of family-friendly policies in the enterprise as a major intervention in the U.K.
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This study seeks to show that there are several different family-friendly policies utilized by employers in the U. K. and that these have been necessary for some time. The three main policies are part-time work, flex-time (flexible start and finish times), and teleworking. All three of these policies are important for working mothers and others that would like to have time with their families or for other pursuits. However, not all employers are interested in offering these kinds of arrangements, and many prefer to stick with the traditional work schedule where individuals all come in at a certain time and all leave at a certain time. There is increasing evidence, though, that this does not work well for many people in the U. K., and this is the reason for studying this issue and determining what would be the best choice for everyone.
Through a solid introduction to the issue and a thorough review of the literature that is involved with it, the study shows how very important much of these family-friendly policies are and how they are often overlooked by employers who do not want to break with tradition. However, many working mothers could utilize these if only their employers were willing to allow them, and if more mothers and employers knew about the possibilities for these family-friendly ideas. Many of these policies have not been studied a great deal, and it is therefore necessary that studies such as this be conducted, so that more can be learned and discovered about this issue and more people in the U. K. can benefit from it. Sources are copied and included in the paper.

Changing Nature of Work
The Flexible Firm
Literature Review
Annualized Hours
Compressed Work Week
Voluntary Reduced Work Time (V-Time)
Flexi Time
Job Sharing
Team Work
Three Popular Choices
Similarities and Differences
Solution and Conclusion

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