Faith Healing Proposal Research Paper by Nicky

Arguments against faith healing.
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This paper presents an in-depth study of faith healing from the perspective of Christian Science. According to the paper, Christian Scientists are not "believers, further showing how they are not leading true Christian lives by jeopardizing their health and the health of their children. The paper then presents the method for the study. Next, it shows how many Americans believe in the power of prayer, yet it shows survey results which demonstrate that prayer is seen as helpful in addition to traditional medicine. The paper notes that Christian Scientists have resorted to faith healing to the serious detriment of their followers in general and young children in particular who were denied the opportunity to benefit from modern medical interventions. Various references are made to Biblical quotes about faith healing, and how they are interpreted by modern, mainstream churches. The paper then openly states its position of faith healing, which it sees as tantamount to murder when medical treatment is denied, particularly to children. The paper concludes by stating that that the faith healing practices that are prevalent in today's society are far from the ideal presented in the Book of James.


Aim of the Dissertation
Statement of the Problem
Chapter 1 Faith Healing: Biblically Defined
Chapter 2 Faith Healing: A Christian Science Perspective
Chapter 3: When Faith Healing Fails God's Children
Chapter 4: Drawing the Line, Faith Healing or Murder

From the Paper:

"The general problem to be considered by the proposed study concerns the dogma of Christian Science as it relates to faith healing. Christian Scientists have alleged that all aspects of their theology is distinctively Christian, established upon the Scriptures and is continuous with Biblical revelation. Part of the purpose of this dissertation is to nullify their position as Believers. According to Scripture, faith is people acting in accordance with God's known purpose. Their misunderstanding of Biblical revelation has led the Christian Scientist to misconstrue the true meaning of "Faith Healing" as instructed in James 5: 14 - 16. Should Christian Scientists be allowed to martyr their children for their religious beliefs? Do mainstream Christians have a responsibility to intervene against senseless suffering and death of Christian Science children in instances when it could have been avoided? Can the world look the other way and not place boundaries and limitations on 'religious freedom' when it endangers the lives of children who are not free to make life altering choices of their own? "

Sample of Sources Used:

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