Extinction or Survival Research Paper by cee-cee

Extinction or Survival
An examination of the meme concept and how it relates to the inequalities in educational resources.
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Published on Nov 30, 2008 in African-American Studies (1950-Present) , Education (General)

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This paper reviews R. Dawkins' concept of the "meme," sociobiology, and its relationship to education reform. The paper first reviews ten articles about sociobiology and education reform. It then discusses Dawkins' evidence for the evolution of animal behavior through natural selection of the selfish gene. It relates the meme concept to the inequalities in educational resources and looks at the cultural value changes that would have to occur if an evolution of value memes would take place.

Table of Contents:
Literature Review
The Selfish Gene? (Marxist 2007)
Against Sociobiology (Bethell 2001)
Reform Math Education (Reys 2002)
Selfish Genes and Social Darwinism (Midgely 1981)
Sociobiology(Holcomb, Sociobiology 2005)
Memes: Marketing in the 21st Century (Meyerson 2007)
Third World Traveler--Jonathan Kozol (Kozol 2007)
International Conference on Secondary Education (Mulford 2002)
Education Programs Constitutional; Growth Steady (CER 2007)
Early Education Shows No Benefit (HSLDA 2007)
Dawkins' Arguments for the Selfish Gene
The Concept of "Meme" and Kozol's Concerns about Education
Cultural Evolution through Meme Changes in order to Reform Education
What Cultural Changes Need to Take Place to Reform Education?

Sample of Sources Used:

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