Exploring the Baby Boomer Segment Research Paper by Nicky

Exploring the Baby Boomer Segment
An exploration delving into demographic and other data relating to the baby boom generation.
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Published on May 16, 2011 in Sociology (Theory) , Business (Marketing)

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This paper delves into the specific data that is unique to the baby boom generation, also called baby boomers. The paper explains that the objective of this research analysis is to better understand the behaviors, characteristics, lifestyles and demographics of the baby boomer generation ages 45 to 64. The paper highlights the unique characteristics of this consumer segment and provides perspectives on how this cohort is distinct from the broader overall adult population. In some instances, the paper features research that used younger and older baby boomer cohorts to show relativity. The paper concludes that understanding the traits and behaviors of baby boomers will provide the knowledge necessary to not only identify product and service needs, but will also provide the necessary insights for developing communication strategies. This paper contains illustrative data tables.

Types of Employment
Marital Status/Family
Home Size
Work, Leisure and Savings
Attitudes Towards Work and Family
Attitudes Towards Home Life
Attitudes Related to Health and Diet
Looking Good/Seeking Health Information
Influences on Attitude Formation
Media Usage
Product Usage/Shopping Behavior
Shopping Behavior
Purchase Incentives/Shopping Behavior/Spending Habits
Product Selection
Communication Strategies

From the Paper:

"All boomers, especially females, think it is important to continually learn new things. They feel this is what keeps them young. They are not afraid of exercise, the Internet or changing technologies. Boomers are not known to easily give up and will try and try again to improve themselves. Boomers have strong ethical beliefs. They long for respect and they look at work not as a job, but as a career. They have a deep sense of pride in their families and accomplishments. Women are more apt to volunteer than men and women also seem to have a more practical outlook on life."

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