Experiment on Malaysian Soil Research Paper by Rifkhan

Experiment on Malaysian Soil
A review of an experiment on Malaysian soil-soil texture, pH and salinity determination.
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Published on Dec 10, 2013 in Environmental Studies (General) , Agricultural Studies (General)

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The paper reviews an experiment that aimed to study the texture of Malaysian soil samples, using the field feel guide to determine the pH of the samples at different soil-water ratios in the presence or absence of CaCl2. Furthermore, the experiment aimed to determine soil salinity from the soil extracts. The paper reviews the methods and results of the study and provides a summary of the study's findings in the conclusion.


From the Paper:

"It is essential for farmers to ensure that the soil in which they grow their crops plants can produce a good yield. Determining the influence of factors such as soil texture, pH and salinity is vital to ensure such a high yield.
"Soils are physically a mixture of inorganic particles of different sizes, water, decaying organic materials and air. Particle size analysis (PSA) refers to the determination of particle size distribution in soils and the separation of a soil into gravel, silt, sand and clay size fractions. Soil texture is related to a range of physical soil properties like water holding capacity, bearing capacity, absorbing power, surface area and shrink and swell phenomenon. The textural classification of soils is based on composition of various particle fractions. A qualitative method for PSA is the estimation of different particle sizes by feeling between the thumb and forefinger (Gupta, 1998)."

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