Exorcism: Medieval Ritual or a Miracle Cure? Research Paper by Dinney

Exorcism: Medieval Ritual or a Miracle Cure?
A look at the world of possession, spirits and the rituals in different religions of exorcism.
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Published on Aug 18, 2005 in Religion and Theology (General) , Sociology (General)

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This paper examines how exorcism can be described as the expulsion of a non-physical or an external force, perceived to be a deity, spirit, demon, entity or ghost that is possessing or disturbing a human being or a certain place or thing and how the process of exorcism is generally carried out by an exorcist. Who the exorcist is, depends a lot upon the context and culture. It describes some of the exorcism rituals from different religions in order to better understand the concept of exorcism throughout the world.
Exorcism in Christianity
Exorcism in Judaism
Islamic Exorcism
Exorcism amongst the Buddhists
The Shinto Way of Exorcism
Exorcism in Pagan or Other Earth Based Religions
Rituals of Exorcism in Hinduism
Modern Day Exorcism

From the Paper:

"The first sign of being possessed is the denial. The person refuses to even acknowledge the fact that something could be wrong. Then if the person hears that he/she might be taken to a Muslim Exorcist, then all hell breaks loose. The second signs include; acting out in radical ways, excessive cursing, intentional rudeness, a nonchalant attitude towards everything, excessive hate towards loved ones, and in most times aggression since when jinn takes over, it takes total control of the victim. The last and more serious of signs include; vivid nightmares, hearing voices when no one is around, the unusual desir4e of red meat, wearing of a lot of black and excessive drinking. That's where the American term gin comes from, since Muslims who drink are thought of as the possessed. "

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