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Evolution and Human Culture
An examination of the process known as gene-culture co-evolution or the Baldwin effect.
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Published on Jan 25, 2010 in Biology (Genetics) , Anthropology (General)

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This paper discusses the thesis that human genetics has been manipulated and altered, due to the progress of human culture since the time of early Cro-Magnon man in Europe and that since human genes determine the path of natural selection, human intervention and culture has drastically altered their overall structure. The paper also examines how genetic manipulation is most closely linked to a number of select human behaviors and diseases and how theorists claim that human culture may indeed be responsible for decreasing the rate of human evolution itself.

From the Paper:

"Cooper also maintains that biological evolution and human culture share a specific type of feature known as exaptation, a process whereby a "structure or device is adapted by human beings or by nature to perform other functions not intended by its creator or manufacturer." The best example of this process is the evolution of fins to legs in fishes. Rice declares that "There has been debate regarding the reasons for the evolution of legs" and supplies one possible reason based on an early proposal that "fishes had to walk on land to get from one pond to another." However, the evolution of legs from a type of fin to an actual bony appendage "did not require the acquisition of many new genes," due to the existence of "Hox genes which control the pattern of body part development in most animals" (19-20)."

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