EU Competition Policy and Ireland Research Paper

An examination of the competition policy of the EU and its effect on Irish business.
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This paper discusses recent EU legislation, specifically regarding business and competition policy, and examines how this effects the current situation in Ireland. It looks at how these policies both from their own virtue but also in the context of the current Irish situation, particularly the significant levels of rising unemployment. It is widely suggested that EU policies and EU integration have helped shield the Irish economy from the worst ravages of the global economic recession. This report also examines some of the premises behind such statements. In addition the report looks at the potential impact of the EU legislation on Irish business interests and then looks at what policies the government may consider in order to benefit Irish businesses the most. This paper contains a table.

The EU
SWOT Analysis - EU Competition Legislation and the Businesses of Ireland
EU Integration and Changing Exports
Ireland's Relationship with the UK and the USA
The Economic Crisis and the Recession
How can the Irish Government Best Protect and Encourage Irish Business?

From the Paper:

"Whilst it is not the subject of this report it is an important point that Ireland exports more to the USA than it does to the EU. This is in part to do with its traditional relationship with the USA, partly as a result of the large Irish diaspora in the USA. In addition, whilst Ireland does now export more to the EU than it does to the UK it still exports considerable amounts to the UK. It is worth bearing in mind that there is currently significant unrest in the UK regarding the UK's position in Europe with various parties suggesting that their may be a post-Lisbon Treaty withdrawal from several aspects of the EU. With an election coming up this is something which, whilst unlikely should at least be borne in mind. This is particularly relevant, as with such a significant volume of exports going to one country, there is the potential for too many eggs to be in one basket which can lead to significant job losses and general loss of business if there were to be a change."

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