Ethnic Studies of Gangs Research Paper by Nicky

Ethnic Studies of Gangs
An examination of several studies on the ethnic origins and purposes of gangs.
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The paper looks at an ethnic study of gangs in the neighborhood of "El Dorado", a codename for a New York City neighborhood, as well as a study on transnational criminal organizations and gangs in Southern California. The paper highlights how these studies demonstrate that while many members of adolescents youths are involved in 'gangs', this activity for the most part is geared toward self-protection. The paper then points out the failure of certain neighborhoods to provide a place that is safe for adolescents to grow properly during this critical life stage. The paper specifically calls for research to determine how the provision of a safe neighborhood for such individuals will free them from their need to be gang-related individuals.

Statement of Thesis
Ethnic Study - El Dorado (New York City Neighborhood)
Transnational Criminal Organizations and Gangs in Southern California

From the Paper:

"Today's diverse groupings of ethnic youth in the United States are individuals of a wide range of characteristics and never has this group been quite so diverse. These groups are comprised of individuals who do not understand the ideology of what the 'American Dream' is truly composed of and it is likely that due to non-engagement of these youth in positive civic activities and alternatively viewing them as 'gangs' that they will never understand that the 'American Dream' includes safe neighborhoods for children to grow up in and that this lack of understanding will perpetuate this framework of thought in society."

Sample of Sources Used:

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