English, The Global Language Research Paper by writingsensation

English, The Global Language
This paper discusses the advantages of learning English as the global languages to be used by all the world; however, this presents a danger to the native culture.
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This paper argues that English is the most likely of all languages to create a useful global lingua franca (language of trade); therefore, teaching English globally is only logical. The author contends that, because of the strong link between language and culture, the globalization of the English language threatens other languages and cultures with extinction; therefore the method of teaching English as a second or foreign language is important. The paper relates that young students, who are most at risk of becoming indoctrinated into speaking English as their dominant language rather than their native language, should be taught in a bi-lingual program which stresses the values of the native language and culture, while teaching English as a useful second global lingua franca.

Table of Contents
Language Dominance and English-as-a-Second Language Education
The Relationship between Culture and Language
Can Teaching EFL be a Threat to Local Ways of Life and Languages?
The Importance and Advantages of Learning to Use English
Balancing between Globalism and Local Culture

From the Paper:

"There are several ways in which English is taught as a second language in other countries. Many nations include English education in primary schools. This is common not only in countries where English is a primary official or natural language, but also in countries that merely wish their educated youth to be able to communicate in English. Most European countries teach English as a second language to their young. Most people who learn English in school will not be likely to need EFL instruction later in life. Another form of English education involves teaching by non-native English teachers who instruct academically, much as one would learn a foreign language in America. These classes may be instructed both in English and the student''s native language and tend to focus more on aspects like appropriate grammar and spelling than on mere usage. EFL instruction, on the other hand, tends to be taught by native English speakers entirely in English."

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