Electricity Conductors and Their Effect on Bluetooth Data Transmission Research Paper by Franz

Electricity Conductors and Their Effect on Bluetooth Data Transmission
A study using experimental research to understand the effect of aluminum on the efficiency of Bluetooth data transmission.
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Published on Jun 06, 2011 in Engineering (Electrical) , Computer and Technology (Technology)

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This paper presents a study that attempts to find out the effects of electricity conductors on the efficiency of data transmission of Bluetooth when they are close to the devices performing the data transmission. The paper also attempts to find out whether there is a significant difference between grounded and non-grounded electricity conductors. The paper relates that the conductor used in this study is aluminum foil and that the method applied is experimental research using the single factor experimental design. The data transmission is tested between a laptop and a cellular phone with Bluetooth functionalities. The results of the study reveal that electricity conductors have reduction effects on the efficiency of data transmission of Bluetooth because the data rate goes down during the experiment when the conductors are present around the devices. It is also discovered that grounded aluminum foil has even more reduction effect on the throughput of Bluetooth compared with the non-grounded one.

Table of Contents:
Background of the Study
Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study
Scope and Limitations
Definition of Terms
Review of Related Literature
Results and Discussions

From the Paper:

"Nowadays, the use of wireless technology in transmitting data from one device to another is becoming more and more prevalent. This phenomenon started in 1994, when Ericsson Mobile Communications, the global telecommunications company based in Sweden, initiated a study to investigate the feasibility of a low-power, low-cost radio interface between mobile phones and their accessories (Muller, 2001). The engineers at Ericson code named the new wireless technology Bluetooth to honor a 10th century Viking King in Denmark (Muller, 2001). At present, Bluetooth is one of the widely used wireless technologies by cellular phones in transmitting and receiving data. However, Bluetooth signal is disrupted by some external sources. One interfering factor is electricity conductor, which when hit by the Bluetooth frequency, is able to reflect or absorb radio waves. Since Bluetooth is a form of radio technology as mentioned by Thompson (2008), the present researcher came up with this study to determine the effects of electricity conductors on the efficiency of data transmission of Bluetooth. This would help the present researcher to integrate this study with his knowledge in data communications in order to come up with an efficient setup of a wireless computer network. To conduct this study, a computer, Bluetooth-enabled devices and electricity conductors were setup in an open-area environment where the data rate of Bluetooth would be recorded."

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