Effects of Divorce in America Research Paper by Nicky

Effects of Divorce in America
Exploration of divorce's role in and effects upon modern U.S. society.
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This paper explores the effects of divorce on children, the family, and society as a whole. The paper explains that marriage is one of the most popular and venerable institutions in American society -little girls grow up dreaming of their "perfect" wedding; gay and lesbian couples fight for the right to legally marry; and fathers dream of walking their little girls down the aisle someday. The paper adds that families involved in divorce tend to show increased problems, from depression to health-related issues. The paper goes on to explore divorce's interface with poverty, alcohol and drug abuse, social networks, religion, single parenting, and societal acceptance. In conclusion, the paper opines that divorce alters just about every aspect of American culture, from family to education and far beyond.

Social Networks
Income and Poverty
Single Parents
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Acceptance and Legality

From the Paper:

"One of the things our culture can do to change divorce is to stop being so accepting of it. With the advent of no fault divorce, divorce has become more common and acceptable in society, and that allows more divorces to occur, winnowing away at American culture. No fault divorce has also lead to a great increase in divorce attorneys and laws, adding to an already overburdened legal system. Everything from alimony to child custody can end up in court, and even CPAs have to understand tax laws regarding alimony, as one lawyer explains, "The tax language in an agreement has to be explicit" (Maples). Thus, we have developed a culture of laws and acceptance of divorce that does not help promote marriage or staying together in our culture. Divorce adversely affects our culture in many ways, and for that to stop, we need fewer divorces and more loving marriages in this country."

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