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Early Christianity
A review of early Christianity and a discussion regarding how it helped to shape the Christianity of today.
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This paper examines the factors that were responsible for the formation of Christianity, particularly in the context of Orthodoxy and Heresy. In other words, the paper discusses how Christianity became Christianity as seen through the lenses of Orthodoxy and Heresy. The research explores several defining moments in the history of Christianity including proto-orthodox and the boundary markers that enabled the proto-orthodox to prevail and become the dominant religion of the empire from the first through the fourth century.

Heretical Text and Heretical Doctrines
The Rule of Faith and Apostolic Succession
The Appeal to Jewish Antiquity
Future Research

From the Paper:

"In addition to docetic theologies there were other theologies that emerged and were deemed to be heretical by the proto-orthodoxy. Among these was the adoptionists theology. This particular theology asserted that Jesus was a man but he was not divine. They also asserted that Jesus was adopted by God as his son (Grant). Those that held this view asserted that there were church traditions that solidified this view but just what these church traditions were differed greatly from that of proto-orthodox Christians (Grant). Adoptionists also claimed that all Christian held the aforementioned doctrine. However proto-orthodox Christians argued that the doctrine of the adoptionists was in opposition to scriptures (Grant). They also asserted that Christian apologists and anti-heretical authors had throughout history, declared that Jesus was God or that Jesus was both God and Man (Grant). In addition both hymns and psalms that were written from the beginning of time describe Christ as the Logos and describe him as God (Grant). "

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