Domestic Violence among Latino Immigrant Workers Research Paper by scribbler

A look at the frequency of violence among Latino immigrant farm workers.
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This paper presents a literature review of the central findings related to the issue of domestic violence and abuse among Latino immigrant farm workers. According to the paper, the review is also aimed at providing insight into the underlying causes of domestic violence and the extent of this problem in terms of the specific demographic. First, the paper discusses the methods used to collect the research, including various resources and databases. Next, the paper gives a summary of various articles on the topic of domestic violence. Then, the paper explores the major themes that emerged from this research, particularly that domestic violence in this demographic is largely directed at the women and children. The paper concludes by stating that a central findings that can be derived from this review of the literature is that more research is needed to investigate and address the problem of domestic violence among this demographic, since there is a lack of directed and in-depth research on this topic.


Purpose of the Literature Review
Summary of Articles
Synthesis of Findings
Conclusions and Suggestions

From the Paper:

"Various resources and databases were selected to research this topic. These ranged from a thorough search of databases such as Ebscohost , including CINAHL and others, as well as online databases such as Questia and Highbeam. Web sites were also sourced, although attention was given to the validity of sites.
"A search of Ebscohost, using the central terms produced an initial thirty-nine resulted. However, the results were too general and had to be refined and expanded. The search was expanded to include a number of other sources, such as CINAHL, Eric and others, while the search terms were reduced to "latino" and "domestic violence". This produced five useful articles of which three were selected for inclusion on the basis of direct relevance to the topic. Date of publication was an added criterion, but content and relevance was given prevalence.
"A further search that increased the scope of the results produced ninety-eight articles, of which five were selected as being the most appropriate for this topic. An interesting aspect of this extensive search was that there were comparatively few articles that related directly to the topic, particularly with regard to immigrant farm workers. This would seem to suggest that there is a relative paucity of research studies directly related to the topic in question. Other sources which produced useful content was Questia as well as various verified Web sites."

Sample of Sources Used:

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