Domestic Violence Research Paper by Gville

Domestic Violence
This paper examines the Minneapolis domestic violence experiment, including a review of the literature and policy.
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This paper is a comprehensive review of the issues of domestic violence. It includes a literature review on the subject by some of the major researchers in this field. The paper also examines policy implications. The author concludes that domestic violence is a serious crime, and offenders must be treated as such.

Minneapolis Study
Colorado Study
Omaha Study
Charlotte Study
Miami-Dade Study
Milwaukee Study
Findings and Offenders
Analysis and Recommendations
Policy Implications

From the Paper:

"The issue of domestic violence was originally brought up in the late 1970's. Women in America at this time were beginning to break out of their domestic roles and play a more integral part in American life. As women's roles began to take shape and become more important their safety and domestic statuses became a greater concern to politicians and practitioners. In 1981 Richard Berk and Larry Sherman were given a grant by the United States Department of Justice and the National Institute of Justice to seek the best solution to dealing with domestic violence in American cities. As we will discover, their research was only able to skim the surface to the question of how to handle domestic violence. Their research initiated a plethora of subsequent research which has since been launched, analyzed, and reanalyzed all with many findings. I will summarize the literature on this subject and compare and contrast the results and the suggestions.
In my research I will scrutinize the seven main research experiments that have been used for the majority of journal articles, policy implementation and police practices within the deterrence literature."

Sample of Sources Used:

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