Diversity Organizations: Women and GLBTs Research Paper by SBurtis

Diversity Organizations: Women and GLBTs
This paper discusses the historical and modern day status of women and GLBts.
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Published on Dec 09, 2014 in Ethics (General)

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From the Paper:

"Despite numerous suffrage movements throughout history, prior to the early twentieth century, women were viewed as the weaker, more delicate sex. Given the patriarchal viewpoints carried over from Europe by early settlers, women had a role to play, and stepping outside that role was akin to heresy. Most women knew their place, and they held tight to that comfort zone. Women were to marry and have children, caring for and serving their families. They were to honor and obey their husbands. Love was not a strong factor in marriage. It was more important to keep the bloodline going and to ensure the care of the women to men. That is not to say that love did not exist, but in many cases, it was an afterthought (Loeb, E. Ford Foundation. Personal communication. August 29, 2014).
"Women were not viewed as equal citizens. They could not own property or even vote until And, even though the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. While some progress was made when these rights were granted, women were still locked into the traditional roles of wife and mother. The main exception was when many women were forced to go to work to care for their families while their husbands fought during World War II, but after the war, things returned to normal and most women still clung to the June Cleaver image throughout the 1950s and early 1960s. It was not until the outcry for equal rights from numerous groups throughout the sixties and seventies that women upped the ante and began demanding more recognition and equality than ever before (Loeb; Wlaker, D. Ford Foundation. Personal communication. August 29, 2014)"

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