Death and Burial Practices in Ancient Egypt Research Paper by knutbd

Death and Burial Practices in Ancient Egypt
An examination of the death and burial customs of the ancient Egyptian civilization.
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Published on Feb 17, 2008 in Anthropology (Middle Eastern) , History (Middle Eastern)

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This paper discusses the Ancient Egyptian's mysterious religious practices and their views of life after death and explains their traditions associated with death and burial. The paper discusses the structure and purpose of the ancient Egyptian tomb (mastaba). The paper also looks at how the Egyptians believed that the dead possessed supernatural powers. The paper further discusses how the ancient Egyptians envisioned the afterlife and explains how they mummified the bodies of the wealthy.

From the Paper:

"At every stage of their history the ancient Egyptians believed that their spirits survived death and that in order for this to occur their corpses must be preserved at all costs. The desire for eternal life sprang from a deep passion for life and a wish to see it continue beyond the grave. The Egyptians began their preparations for the afterlife with their tombs (Dersin 138). The tomb itself could be a simple mud brick structure, a rock- cut chamber or a massive temple complex (Dersin 139). The ancient Egyptian tomb was considered the eternal resting place for the body and funerary goods, both of which were believed vital for rebirth and survival in the afterlife. The most splendid monuments were luxuries that only the king, his family and officials, and the wealthiest members of society could afford (Ghalin, Oakes 421)."

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